Fact Sheets & Publications

 Apportioned Registration Payment Requirements Fact Sheet 

Armed Forces Personnel Fact Sheet 

Address Requirements for Titling and/or Registering a Vehicle in Pennsylvania Fact Sheet

Agent Service Training Fact Sheet

Antique and Classic Vehicles and Vintage Registration Plates Fact Sheet

Bankruptcy Fact Sheet

Transfer Between Business Entities Fact Sheet

Bus Registration Fact Sheet

Buying or Selling your Car in Pennsylvania Fact Sheet

 Collectible Vehicle Fact Sheet 

Pennsylvania Certificate of Title and Lien Fees Fact Sheet

Disposal of Abandoned Vehicles from Private Property Fact Sheet

Dealer Title Application Submission Procedures Fact Sheet

Defaced Titles Fact Sheet

Donaing a Vehicle to a Charitable Organization Fact Sheet

Dual Registration Fact Sheet

Farm Equipment Requirements Fact Sheet

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Fact Sheet

Acceptable Proof of Identification Documents for Completing Motor Vehicle Forms Fact Sheet

Identification Requirements for Completion of Motor Vehicle Applications by Business Organizations or Non Profit Corporations Fact Sheet

Imported and Exported Vehicle Procedures Fact Sheet

Insurance Law Fact Sheet

Involuntary Transfer of Ownership of a Vehicle by Court Order Fact Sheet

Insurance Verification Responsibilities of an Issuing Agent Fact Sheet

Insurance Verification Responsibilities of an Issuing Agent Q & A

Lemon Law Protection Fact Sheet

Titling a Mobile Home Purchased through a Municipal Real Estate Tax Sale in Pennsylvania Fact Sheet

Mopeds, Motor-Driven Cycles and Motorcycles Fact Sheet

Forms MV-217 & MV-217A Fact Sheet

Motor Vehicle Verification of Fair Market Value by Issuing Agent Fact Sheet

Odometer Information Fact Sheet

Pennsylvania Based Commercial Vehicles  Fact Sheet

Pennsylvania Senior Citizens Non-Commercial Drivers Licenses and Vehicle Registration Fact Sheet

 Personalized Registration Plate Fact Sheet

Person with Disability/Severely Disabled Veteran Parking Placard Fact Sheet

Procedures for Processing Paperwork for Cancelled Vehicle Deals when Purchased at a Dealership Fact Sheet

Preferred-Permanent Registration of Fleet Vehicles Fact Sheet

Proof of Insurance Fact Sheet

Most Common Reasons for Title and Registration Application Rejections Fact Sheet

Recovered Theft Vehicle Procedure Fact Sheet

Retired Status Fact Sheet

Title Application Procedure for a Vehicle which was Erroneously Reported as Salvaged or Crushed Fact Sheet

Seasonal Registration Requirements Fact Sheet

Verification of Signature in Lieu of Notarization Procedures Fact Sheet

Special Mobile Equipment Fact Sheet

Secure Power of Attorney (MV-POA) and General Power of Attorney Information Fact Sheet

Street Rod Vehicles Fact Sheet

Stage Vehicles Fact Sheet

Vehicle Sun Screening Fact Sheet

How to Title and Register yout Out-of-State Vehicle in Pennsylvania Fact Sheet

USDOT Number Fact Sheet

U.S. Military Veteran Registration Plates Fact Sheet

Vehicle Transfer After Death of Owner Fact Sheet

Vin Verification Fact Sheet

Van/Mini-Van Titling and Registration Procedures Fact Sheet

Procedures on Accepting Voluntarily Surrendered Registration Plates and Cards Decentralized Agents Fact Sheet

Warehouseman’s and Self-Service Storage Facilitie procedures for Obtaining Certificate of Title to Vehicle after Sale Vehicle For Storage Fact Sheet

Instructions for Completing Form MV-1 Fact Sheet

Lessor-Lessee-Dealer Title Transfer Fact Sheet

License Plate Re-Issuance Fact Sheet

Modified Vehicle Fact Sheet

National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System (NMVTIS) FAQ’s

OLM Brochure Website 2612

Pennsylvania Apportioned Registration Audit

PUB 181

PUB 457


PUB 463

PUB 460


PUB 644

PUB 645

PUB 458

PUB 459

PUB 479

Reconstructed Vehicles Fact Sheet

School Transportation FAQs

Insurance Package for a Corporation 

Insurance Package for a Government Agency

Insurance Package for a Individual

Insurance Package for a Religious Group

Specially Constructed Vehicle Fact Sheet

Specialty Plate Program Fact Sheet


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